Major card manufacturers in the region join forces to form new business alliance


Manila, 26 September 2016 – Several major companies in the region have come together to form the “International Business Alliance of Card Manufacturers” (IBACM).

This alliance has been created to address the increasing needs of card manufacturers to provide an end-to-end, comprehensive and cost effective solution for the digital security industry.

IBACM is pleased to announce the following founding members of the alliance: AllCard Plastics Philippines Inc. (Philippines), Chan Wanich Security Printing Co., Ltd. (Thailand), Infortified Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), PT Jaya Smart Technology (Indonesia), and Zhuhai XH Smartcard Co., Ltd. (China).

We believe it is time to join together to work towards a common goal, not just in establishing economies of scale, but to help each other grow as well,” commented Allieta Cue, Chairman and CEO of AllCard and the first Chairman of IBACM’s Advisory Board.

Among the short term objectives of IBACM are reducing costs and minimizing supply chain issues, consolidating raw materials, and providing adequate training to employees. The IBACM Working Committee will start work immediately under the guidance of the IBACM Advisory Board to roll out these programs to all members.

“The industry is facing great price pressure while continuing to improve and enhance product quality,”

“Companies have been pressured by price erosion, and in some projects, selling below cost. Having this alliance will not only help to reduce the production cost by means of economies of scale, but also promote collaboration between members and create the largest smart card production and service network.”

said Mr. Ee Hou Lim, Director of Infortified and Director of IBACM Working Committee.

In the long run, IBACM aims to create a regional partnership for cross-marketing of products and services among members, as well as to develop the solutions called for by these markets.

About International Business Alliance of Card Manufacturers (IBACM)
IBACM is a non-profit organisation in the digital security industry founded in 2016 with card manufacturers from different regions to promote close business collaboration among members.

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About AllCard Plastics Philippines Inc. (Philippines)
ALLCARD is an end-to-end card solutions provider based in the Philippines, enabling total project integration from software development to card production.

Beginning in 2001 as a distributor of instant issuance card printers, ALLCARD now produces millions of cards a year for every possible requirement: financial, identification, health, membership, loyalty and discount, transportation, security access, and more. Its product portfolio has since then expanded to include hardware and software supporting next generation applications including card management systems, mobile payment processing, point-of-sale, loyalty and fraud management.

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About Chan Wanich Security Printing Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Established since 1921, Chan Wanich Security Printing Co., Ltd. (CSP) is a leading provider of security printing solutions entrusted by the government and private sector, as well as financial institutions and business organizations.

CSP products and services include passport booklet production, passport issuance solution and services, visa sticker, examination paper, answer sheet, examination arrangement documents, bank cheque, all forms of bank passbooks, excise stamp, postage stamp, postcard, anti-counterfeit packaging, identification card, access control pass-card, all types of financial cards, (Visa card, MasterCard, JCB, CUP, credit card, debit card, stored-value card), promotions stamp, bill of product and service, etc.

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About PT Jaya Smart Technology (Indonesia)
PT Jaya Smart Technology (JST) is one of the leading card manufacturers in Indonesia. It is the pioneer in smart card production and solutions provider to the needs of the Indonesian market. Becoming the 1st company to be certified by MCI VISA, JST is the preferred partner of global smart card companies.

JST has been providing smart cards and its related products to the retailers, financial instutions and governments. Having over 200 million card production capacity, JST is always on the constant move to upgrade their resources, human and technology.
With a solid foundation established and a strong focus, we believe JST can become a company that can be beneficial to the consumer and its alliances.

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About Infortified Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Infortified, a business and technology think tank, is a Singapore start-up that focuses on bringing new business ideas and technologies to help organisations in the digital security industry anchor market leadership and generate new revenue streams.

Infortified’s products, services and business models focus on three main areas: Security, Analytics and Partnership.

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About Zhuhai XH Smartcard Co., Ltd.
Established in 2011 in Guangdong Province Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, XH is one of the fastest growing smart cards and smart card solutions provider in China supporting customers both in China and international markets. XH’s proven products and services are deployed in more than 50 countries covering Europe, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

Since its inception, the company has invested heavily in R&D and has registered numerous patents in the area of production automation and copyright. XH has also achieved ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO27001, GSMA SAS, Visa, Mastercard and China UnionPay certification for production of schemed payment cards.

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